What is with Glowforge and their timing?

I was one of the original backers, in fact I placed my order within the first 4 hours on the first day.
Waited many many long months to get word that my GF was going to ship. Finally got confirmation that it was going to ship back in July 2017, delivery was going to be the day I was scheduled to leave the country for 4 weeks. My GF was delivered after many months of waiting only to have to wait an extra 4 weeks to be able to unbox it and try it out.

Fast forward to today: I just received word that I am now getting access to the snapmark beta testing tonight and I’m leaving town for 10 days in the morning. Not complaining, I’m very happy to get to try the snapmarks on my GF but DARN I have to wait again to be able to test it out.

BTW, I’m very happy with my Glowforge and I’m sure I will be very happy with the snapmarks………


There’s an invisible hedgehog that lives just outside sending information back to GFHQ letting them know your schedule! :wink: I guess it’s better than not having your GF…lol.


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