What is wrong with the app today?

I’ve noticed on severaL FB groups that the app isn’t working for a lot of people. What is going on?

I am having a hell of a time to get Dashboard to stay up. It flashes on then disappears….very frustrating!

It’s certainly not operational for me. I’m having the same issues

The official status page says AOK. My personal experience is that it isn’t working.


Not working for me either :frowning_face:

Dashboard on the app starts to load then is disappearing for me as well. Tried two different browsers with the same issue on each.


I was having the same issue. i just refreshed for the billionth time and it’s working now!

This status page only shows that the address returns a response. The problem here is that the address responds but does not load the dash board, so to service is not functional.


It just started working again for me.


Thanks everyone for flagging! The app should be back up and running now! Thanks for your patience!

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