What is your record for

What’s your record for the thinest feature cut on your Glowforge?

While making this personalized cake topper I was truly amazed at the result. The thinnest width of the flowered filigree mic’s out at 0.005" !

I didn’t intend to make such a thin feature but the GF did not disappoint



That’s lovely…and so delicate. I’ve never measured any of the very thin stuff, but I’ve sure had a few. Mostly, that happens to me by accident, like last night I neglected to change a cut to a score and ended up with several of the most delicate rings of wood I could imagine. At least when it’s intended, its a stunning achievement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Beautiful! I’ve done a few acrylic cake toppers … The fonts can be sooooooo thin! It is always impressive!

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That is 1/200th of an inch !?
Never tried anything super thin with plastic because I figured it would just slag//melt.
Plastic apparently is a forgiving medium.

Picture below was a tower I made using wood. Anything lower than 0.015 (1/64th or 3/200th) just wanted to turn to ash when touched. Thought about doing the cuts alternately to avoid the char heat, then cut to the chase and said Thin Enough.

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Some so thin I would not even try to mic them.