What saves to your "Home" screen?

It seems like what is saved to my “Home” screen is arbitrary. I have some all together designs, and a lot of parts of a design.

How and why does the GFUI decide what to save (and what to discard)?

It saves it in the state that you left the design.


It doesnt discard anything.

However you left it, is how it is saved.

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I tend to make my moves and deletions and stuff for special prints and then Ctrl+Z to get back to pristine file. It is something to be aware of. It’s great to have the save now, but one needs to be aware of what is to be saved.


Another trick is once loaded, to immediately tap out with the HOME tag.
Select the little arrow on upper right of file.
Then return with a ‘Copy Of’’.

Toss the copy of when done and the origin file is still sitting there in all it’s glory.

I do this a lot when I am fixing to modify an existing files parameter. If it gets gronked, no problem. Delete the ‘copy of’ and the origin file is still sitting there with the parameters un-modified.


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