What settings would you use to etch this on the front of something 2" wide?

Its very detailed, it will be etched on proofgrade maple or walnut. Will the regular settings work well?

I intend to spray paint right after the etch when the paper is still on to make it look nice.

Will the gradient screw things up or? I want the paint to look nice and smooth.


I think we’d have to see exactly how you plan on getting it into the UI to make the engrave. Is it a jpeg…a photo…or what? And what are those extra green lines going to be? A little more information about your image would help.

Im just talking about the scales in the center!

I have the svg file for the drawing.

Start with PG setting–and on maple. And a scrap piece first.
If you’re going to paint after etching, are you planning to apply only one color? Given it’s size, can’t imagine you’d have room for more than one color… So best to change the image to grey scale, then decrease to 2 colors to make it black and white, so you only have etched areas and unetched, since painting over it will make trying to do gradients worthless–and for so small, doubt they would even show up. I really don’t think at 2" wide you’ll get the fine details to show up… so test on scrap first to figure out what works best for your material.


Also test the spray paint, because some paints will creep under the edge of masking unless you seal the raw wood first.


It worked!


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