What should I expect after I fill out the forms from the "shipping" email


So, to my delight, I got my “would you like your glowforge now?” email yesterday, and I excitedly clicked on the link and filled out the form.

Now my account page has my shipping address on it, but I kinda expected an email or something to tell me “hooray you filled everything out okay.” The fact that I haven’t gotten one makes me wonder… did I, in fact, fill everything out okay?

How will I know if I’ve done everything I need to keep things rolling? Or, alternately, how would I (or you) know that I haven’t done everything necessary?

Thanks in advance.


I had the same question but as long as your shipping info is in there it’s good. I got the proof grade waybill notice yesterday.


I got my “Would you like your glowforge now” email on October 5th, and it actually shipped on October 25th.


I got my email on October 13. After I accepted the offer for my glowforge I was able to access the store and stock up on materials. I didn’t get access to the store for a couple of days after I accepted.
Try going to shop.glowforge.com. If you can buy materials you are probably good to go.


You should expect to do a lot of anxious waiting.


I am in anxious waiting mode as well.

I received my “Do you want it now?” email on the 17th, and my Proofgrade sampler pack arrives tomorrow. My workbench now has a Glowforge-sized area that’s spotless and level, and the nearby window has a blast gate installed for venting.

Somehow, the fact that it’s being manufactured less than 100 miles from my house is making it even harder to wait for that tracking email…


At least you won’t have to watch it slowly make its way across the country hopping from UPS hub to hub.


Good point. :slight_smile:

If you filled everything out right, you should have access to the shop and the catalog.

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Ah, excellent, thank you all. I can in fact access the shop and catalog. I kinda wish I hadn’t, because now I have to have enough discipline to not buy anything…


Also in Anxious waiting mode. Congrats on your email! I just checked now (why didn’t I check sooner??) and have access to the shop.


I’ve discovered a slight downside to such close proximity to the manufacturing site. UPS attempted a surprise delivery of my Glowforge at 9 AM this morning, but no one was home to receive it. :frowning:

Then, a few minutes ago, I received my tracking email advising me to be home…


That’s just crazy. Can you do a pickup on Saturday or arrange a Saturday delivery? After all the drama and delays, then surprises still happen.

I picked it up from the local UPS warehouse at 9:30 PM last night. :grin:

Setup went well, although they need to update a few small details in the instructions. (For example, my vent hose shipped with spring-style clamps, rather than the screw-to-tighten style shown in the instructions.)

I did have to re-start once to clear a “cooling down” condition before my first print, even though the room temp was only 73 degrees. After the re-start it was fine, though, and it printed a few small items without any further cooling delays.

Very happy so far; the founders’ ruler turned out great. The biggest surprise is probably the overall size. I knew the dimensions ahead of time and had a workbench ready, but it just seems massive. Opening the lid fully takes a lot of height also – more than I planned for, so I’ll have to either raise my upper shelves or re-orient it a bit.


The lid does a good job of holding an intermediate open position, you really don’t need full open clearance.

I’m sorry for the delay in answering this post. I checked your order and verified that we received your response. As soon as your Glowforge ships, we’ll reach out with tracking information.

We can’t wait for you to get your Glowforge!