What the Heck Did I Order?

UPS driver dropped off a 29" x 54" x 8-1/2" box this afternoon. When I got home from a long road trip, couldn’t figure out what was ordered that large. For perspective, the box is larger in every dimension than one I used to ship a vintage banjo last month. With many inches of safe padding for an expensive instrument.

Four sheets of Hardwood Proofgrade. 8" x 36" x 0.8". With miles of air pillow packing. Now I have a semi-free banjo shipping container. Still have five banjos for sale. Thanks Glowforge.


Yeep! I should get my first (of two) tomorrow. Want me to save 'em for ya? :smile:


Excellent! More prototype material!


Glad to hear they’ve upped their game in shipping Proofgrade.


Wow! Now that’s a box!

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I’ve been considering adding a banjo to my collection :slight_smile:

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Agree. Looks like they upped their shipping container specs.
Works for me

Holy crop rotation, Batman! This box and packaging has to cost nearly the value of a sheet of the large Proofgrade material!

Are you sure you guys have checked the math on this one, @dan? I’m actually feeling guilty that I placed two separate orders for the big stuff, instead of including it all on one now.

And what the heck am I going to do with these huge boxes? :no_mouth:

Hubby wonders. - insert banjo joke here- “if we send you a box will it return with a banjo?!”


Yep. If it we’re just a few inches deeper it would be too big to ship the entire Glowforge.

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