What the HECK! Now it says I am a new user on the first day!

This is getting pretty old! What is going on with the system that it is not letting make any more replies. It says that I am maxed out on replies as a new user on the first day? Been a member since 10/18!

“You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 1 hour before trying again.”

ChristyM - We own 2 machines!


I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I have also seen some flakiness of Discourse (the forum software), and I suspect the Discourse people are working through some issues. Probably we need to be patient until they work it out. I really don’t think any individuals are being singled out for the errors.

Ah, wish I was a discourse virgin again.


You’ve lost owner status.

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Yeah, I know you have two machines, but it seems that Discourse no longer does. If you look in your profile, it only says “User.” And, having been only a User for 4 months before becoming an actual Owner, I know exactly what that message means. I’ve complained about it numerous times because it impacts your ability to communicate with support.


I’m embarrassed how long this took to resolve and apologize for the difficulty. I believe it’s now taken care of. Please post again or write support@glowforge.com if you have another question.

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