What to do with a broken Glowforge?

So… my 4th Glowforge has just stopped working. Laser tube isn’t lighting up. I’ve talked to support, and as with the previous 3 models, the solution is to replace it at a cost of $1650 USD ($2300 Canadian before shipping). I can’t afford this… Even if I could, after being let down 3 times in the past (at $500 USD/machine). I have no faith in the product any more.

I haven’t even used the machine that much - I wish we could see working hours. I’d love to see if I have even passed 40 hours on this machine.

I love the things I can do with it, even though I haven’t had nearly as much time to use it as I had hoped, however, I can’t deal with the heartbreak any more.

So… now what. What can I do with this 70Lb Glowforge Pro I haven sitting in my basement?

Sorry for all your misfortunes. If you do Facebook, see if you can locate Jonathan Gleich. He has been known to buy used / broken Glowforges for parts. Good luck.


Yeah just disassemble it and offer the parts for sale. I’m sure some Canadians would order parts off you rather than pay the horrendous shipping charges glowforge wants.


How long have you had it?

That’s too bad. Hope you can recover some cost.


That might be the solution

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This machine? Under 2 years.

When you receive a refurbished machine you have 30 days to put it through its paces to discover any damage by shipping or overlooked repair that was not done. Shipping to Canada is a huge issue that has been discussed here a lot but if you sold your machine locally with the agreement that you would receive the newly refurbished machine and transfer it to them the cost of doing that is enough less than a new machine that you could split the difference.

Yea. I’ve considered that… wondering if I can get a refurbished machine and sell it for like $4500 CAD (New one is about $9500 CAD). I’d need to line up a patient trusting buyer in advance though.

Where in Canada?

45 min North of Toronto.

Ahh, too bad. I’m in BC. Good luck!

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