What to do with all those little leftover pieces

I have a glass jar (actually, now I have two) next to my 'forge where I dump all the appealing little bits that are just too cute to throw away.

I keep having to find larger jars.

I haven’t made the trip down to Scrap PDX yet (it means driving across the river and into the traffic, which I tend to avoid), but I’m thinking they might be willing to take some of them off my hands when I run out of jars. Browsing their website, I found this list of similar places outside Portland, so I thought I’d share:

Directory of Creative Reuse Centers


That’s a great list! We used to have one near us, but it closed before I made it there. I’m bummed.

I donated a couple of coffee cans full for younger Girl Scout art projects.


I did a nice funeral pyre finally last winter. I still have a bushel of acrylic shards and bits that I don’t know what to do with though. I’ll have to check with some places in St. Louis which is closest spot for up-cycling.