What to do with precious proof grade scraps?

I engraved the words on the 8 that I made


Yup! Although I love the sentiment. Couldn’t see 'em on the walnut. (I made mine out of the good stuff.) :wink:

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Brilliant! Thanks for sharing the file! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing the files for these little guys! It was one of the very first things I did with the GF as I work with leather and knew they would come in handy. Sure enough, I’ve used them several times on day one. :+1:


I was just looking for a novel solution to this problem and you solved it so quickly! Thanks

These are so cool but mine didn’t cut across the bottom, even with two passes, and they are too big for the honeycomb in the bed I have. I’ll try another approach-
Thanks again!

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Thank you!! I am a newbie and grateful for all the help I can get!!!

Great idea and thanks for sharing.

I downloaded your design (thank you for sharing it!) before my Glowforge even arrived! It was one of the first items I made, and I have used them quite often. I made 14 of them just to be sure I had enough! I left your initials on it, because you deserve the credit for designing such a handy gadget.


hi, do I have to copy paste them to put few in the same piece of wood? can i have all the setting I havent cut nothing I will try my first cut with these pins. thanks.

yes copy/paste. rotate as needed. I slap a few around some scrap whenever I have a few of them fail.

I tryed but the only thing that came out was the JJ jajaja

you have to set each of the items to cut.

I ignore the engraving/scoring of the words

These are still one of two items that I cut out the most. Really have appreciated these; especially good if a piece of wood isn’t completely flat.

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