What to do with scraps? Key chain fobs!

I thought it would be fun to make a key chain for my wife for her Stella scooter and once I had the pattern down it was easy to make some more!

I really like the way the reverse engrave came out on the Stella key chain.


Love them! Did you make the leather straps too?

Yup. I had some leather scraps around and I just sliced them up with an x-acto knife and used a punch to put the holes in them.

I just watched “Our Mrs Reynolds” yesterday.

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One of these is not like the others… :wink: be shiny.

Those look great! (And love the bonnet saying!) :smile:


Love 'em! Firefly RULES!

And it’s crazy how much that lil’ bit of leather really adds to a keytag. I’ve made hundreds (not an exaggeration). They make great gifts and sell well.

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I love these! Firefly is the greatest show ever!


Very nice job!

Next scrap you have, you need a Cap’n Tightpants.


I can’t believe you brought up tightpants. Do you know how hard it is for me not to hijack this poor man’s thread about his awesome scrap keychains and post a tight pants video? So unfair… :rofl:


I have to say I am enjoying this thread. I’ll have to find some more Firefly quotes to make. :slight_smile:


There’s a tie for best quote…

I’ll be in my bunk.

No power in the 'Verse can stop me.

I dunno…

…the special hell.

has a good place in my heart.

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"Ten percent of nothin’ is … let me do the math here … nothin’ into nothin’ … carry the nothin’ … " :thinking:

" Every planet has its own weird customs. About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese. Goslings. They were juggled." lol


“Also? I can kill you with my brain.”

River Tam is my hero. :blush:

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These turned out great!