What would be a good material to use for mock ups for leather goods?

to be more clear.

I want to make a small bag for the wifey. needs to have some pockets etc. for the various things she always hauls around. what would be the best material I could use for prototyping it?

thanks all.


Maybe denim? Some old pair of jeans or maybe go get a yard of it at Michael’s or something?

Or canvas?


@MyDogsThinkImCrazy does lot of interesting things with leather, maybe she has a suggestion. If this doesn’t get her attention try DMing her.


Felt - 100%.

You don’t need to hem it, just like leather. It’s about the same thickness as 4oz leather. It’ll even take engraves if you want to see what you pattern will look like decorated :slight_smile:

Literally in front of me right now: felt on left, leather on right

I tend to collect the stuff from yard sales and resale shops - it’s always available, sometimes in surprisingly large pieces.


Felt or EVA foam in a similar thickness as the leather you plan to use both work very nicely for leather project mockups.


I also say felt. It’s low cost and quick to cut, so it’s good for testing. And you can buy in bulk, not just sheets, at the fabric store (like joann). And if the pieces are large enough, you can reuse it by cutting things like backings for coasters.


So Felt it is! thanks for the input everybody. the best part it wasn’t 6 different answers mentioning 14 possible solutions!

this is just what I needed to be able to move forward.

Thanks Again!


the felt like @deirdrebeth would be the best to have a cost effective way to prototype. What weight of leather are you planning on?


That is still up in the air. well to be more accurate I have several things I want to make.

covers for my 3 ring binders that hold recipes so they look “neater”.

a makeup carrier for the mrs. new wallet for me. who knows after that.


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