What would you do in this situation?

Ok, so this is a serious question… As I’m sort of in this position but I don’t really know what to do…

You’re offered the keys to a workshop with a Trotec sp3000, a 1200 x 2000mm Flatbed UV printer on the understanding that you have 6 months to make a profitable business. Overheads would be let’s say $3000 a month and the first 3 months are covered for you.

This is a SP3000 3m x 2m 200watt CO2 laser (best suted for cutting)

This is a flatbed UV printer. ( you can basically print on anything)


Worked at a place where there were two advisors. One was an very optimistic: “everything is an opportunity and Plan B is something for losers”. The other was “If time allows, we need to figure out what could go wrong before making any decision”. I was the more risk wary person.

Your decision is a two part problem. A cost analysis, and a risk vs. rewards study.

You can do the cost analysis.

But for the risk vs. rewards… can you make it work with the available resources, equipment, and people? Can you work at a pace that is sustainable without burnout? If it goes well will you be happy? If it goes badly will it be devastating?


Another question to ask yourself is…is it what you want to do? If not, walk on by. Do what you love and everything will fall into place. Go into it just to make money and frankly you’re screwed.

Sometimes, situations are meant to be other people’s opportunity.

Cool toys though. :smile:


I would make puzzles :rofl: But around here, outdoor signs really sell well, especially to businesses. Not sure you can use the laser cutter on that, but the UV printer is what these signs are made with. I’d probably also offer portaits printed on materials other than paper…OR…maybe be a materials supplier and sell printed, laserable materials. I don’t know…possibilties are endless.


@jules is right. an opportunity is only a valuable opportunity if you have a solid plan to take advantage of it.


A pre-existing workshop with a large laser and flatbed printer but YOU have to make a business out of it.

From Zero to Profit in 6 months?

Unless you are a whiz at business building I would pass.

I mean those machines basically do print money but there is a little fishiness with this deal.
Why isn’t it already profitable?
Are there other employees that have already gone through the learning curves of the equipment and workflows?
Are you expected to learn not only every software/machine workflow/learning curve but also the business and generate the customer base?
Why the 6 month timeframe?

Is this somebody who wants to walk away, or is this someone who has invested in equipment but wants someone else to be the worker bee?


It’s impossible to answer this without knowing a lot more about the situation. Like what will you be walking away from to do this? (Opportunity costs) what’s the “or else”? Like what happens if you don’t make profitability in that window?

There are a million other questions that would factor in here, it’s really unanswerable as is.


I would walk away. I’d love those toys but I have no desire to run a physical product-based business as a focus. Also, the whole thing just sounds sort of sketchy.

As for what advice I’d give to you, I agree with others that there is simply not enough information.


I can only say that @rpegg and @ChristyM and @mpipes, @Jules, @CMadok an d @shop have read everything in this forum and have the experience to advise you well. Good Luck!


I’d add, do you already have a customer base? Experience in the field? Or are you going in cold? And what are you out of pocket if it fails?



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where are you located?
and what do you have to loose? seems like first 3 months there is no cost, aside from your time, which I assume you have. so why not try?
depending on where you live, with states opening up, and people going back into stores, POP displays and signage are picking up. this might be a great time to get into that business.
of course there is more to a business than 2 machines, but I see an opportunity to try something: based on what I see on your youtube channel this seems to be someqhat up your alley. so why not? are you scared you will get bored?


Judge a man by the quality of his questions. This guy knows how to avoid a swindle. Pass on it!

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