What would you make with 1" round leather pieces?

Going to have a bunch of 1" round veg tan leather circles and can not come up with an idea to use them for. I guess first things first is to make a snapmark jig to drop them into but then what? Short of the story is that we bought some leather goods from a person who could not quite cut evenly and so our best solution to salvage them is to just use our press and punch 1" circles out of them. We will have a bunch so this is why I want to use snapmarks and a jig to be able to repeat over and over. Trying to effectively cut off the uneven part on the GF would not be a solution because of the various unevenness of all them.

Any ideas from the peanut gallery?

simplest thing is keychains or tags of some sort.

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Was thinking about that but it was too short to fold over still using a design and rivet or sew a loop to run the split ring thru.

I guess I could get some tiny round magnets and sew 2 of them together with clean on one side and dirty on the other for dishwashers.

Edit… came up with an idea! One of those DUH moments. But will still like to hear others creativity.

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Leather “Round Tuits”


If you use this idea you I get the first one - smile
Travel chess set or draughts you can cut the board and use medallions with the pieces engraved.


I have made military style “challenge coins” before. Any logo seems to work well as tokens to give out at trade shows and such.

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Recut into earrings.


Will have so many circles that will be one to add to my list. Here is where I am heading with it right now.

Now use your imagination and pretend that the little circles that are not lettered are either links or beads. Going to link the larger circles diagonally then across with each bead or link. Then it will be sized with a clasp.

This is just my rough draft and will be refined over time. The leather will be dyed and edged burnished. ideamockupidea


Love round tuits - especially in a shop when someone makes the comment that they’ve always wanted to do X but…

Toss 'em a round tuit :smiley:


I use them for various tags and tokens when I have small pieces of leather. Lasercats emblem.

Oh hey, she says as she’s cutting out a Catan board, you could use them as game counters or numbers for a Catan board!

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