What you do for a living?

Thanks! As far as 3d printer, it was an indiegogo project. It’s called a “YeeHaw 3d” printer. Yeehaw Review It was marketed for kids. But the specs looked good and the price $249 seemed a great entry point. It works well once you get it setup. A little gimmicky in that it sort of plays music when printing and it uses LED colors to show state.
But I’m happy with it. It let me get a foot in the door and it uses CURA so I can do what I want.
Really want a better one but its a moving target and now I have :glowforge:

Recently retired cop, after 28 years with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (California).


I used to live in Orange County back when I was in grade school…Buena Park actually. :slight_smile:

And I used to patrol Stanton back when I was a deputy.

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I was a Chef for quite a while, then after some serious health issues I had to quit that life. A few years later I literally stumbled into acting, and now I can be seen in some of your favorite television shows, and movies. It may be hard to pick me out, but I’ve been MANY walkers on The Walking Dead, ever since the first episode of season 2, and I can be found on quite a bit of merchandise for The Walking Dead. Last year I was one of Yondu’s Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and I’ve been in quite a few other random shows and movies, and most recently, a vampire all throughout season 5 of The Originals, which premiers this Wednesday night.
If you’re REALLY bored, my facebook page is facebook.com/MichaelWKoske


One look at my first projects post and it’s pretty obvious I’m a scientist. I fell in love with genetics in middle school and haven’t looked back. I did my stint in academia and now have a pretty sweet deal where I get to read science all day and work from home. I work for a genetic screening and counseling company on the team that investigates what’s known about the mutations we find in people’s DNA to determine whether those mutations are likely to be harmful. The work is great, the people are great, and it’s really satisfying to know that what I do immediately impacts people’s lives.

During grad school I was a TechShop member and got into laser cutting. I had some modest success on Etsy before moving away from TechShop, and will be rebooting my science-inspired shop soon (with a much more sensible business model this time :rofl: ).

Working from home also means I can pretty easily do quick-setup, low-supervision (eg, proofgrade) laser runs during the day. It’s been really hard to not spend too much work time with the laser when it’s sitting 10 feet away from me!


If there is a window you can hang the dryer hose far out the window. I did it last weekend

Worked quite well since the windows opened into the room there was no way to cut a sheet of anything to mount it into the window.

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Not that I need a reason to watch that movie again, but you gave me one anyway!


Haha, thanks! If you check out the link to my fan page, there should be some photos from the movie, that show where I am, since I can’t post them all as a new user.
Here’s one from the showdown in the woods.


That would make a nice engrave. (Actually I’ve found myself saying that about a lot of stuff lately…but it would!)

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I own a small video biography company called Life. Documented. I specialize in interviewing kids and capturing their personality over the years, as they grow up.


Well, I just mentioned some of this on another thread about 3D printers, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll post here as well. :slight_smile: I just got my Glowforge Pro a few weeks ago, courtesy of a referral code from @bbum, and I’m loving it. I have a long history in webapp development and security, but 6 years ago (also based on the online recommendation of @bbum - someone whom, in fact, I’ve never met or spoken to - but thanks, Bill!) I bought an Ultimaker Original 3D printer. I got heavily involved in their online user group, and one thing lead to another, and my now-wife and I founded a company here in Memphis, TN, called fbrc8, that for the past 4 years has assembled, distributed, and supported Ultimaker’s range of 3D printers for the US and Canadian market. I’m a huge fan of both technologies, and think there’s a lot of potential for the two forms of fabrication to feed one another. I have a lot to learn about laser cutters, but I’m excited to be starting my journey!


Another Memphian! Welcome aboard!

Thanks! Good to know I’m not the only one. I’m originally from Nottingham, England, but I’ve been in Memphis for 20 years this fall.

@johnbrooker’s from England as well (sorry, John, I can’t remember which city) and now lives in the area. You’ll have to join us next time we have lunch! I have a feeling John will need some more wood veneer soon, so he’ll be in town soon enough. :wink:

Sounds fun!!

Totally understand where you’re coming from @Livein3D. Once upon a time, I had a ton of security certifications - CISSP-ISSAP; ISSMP; GISO; GWAPT; OSWP and I used to Chair a SANS advisory board - and I gave it all up when I heard the siren song of 3D printers, and, now, the GlowForge…


Unfortunately we are in a skyscraper and even though the demo was on the main floor, no windows could be opened. We powered it up and I showed off the things I had made this far. It was a lot of fun and had many questions afterwards. Good practice for Maker Faire

OMG! I bought my Ultimaker 3 from your company last March! I will attest to the fantastic customer support of your company.

I am trying to get into InfoSec. I earned my bachelor’s in summer of 2016. Son has same degree but graduated shortly after I started college and walked right into role 3 months before graduation. Hear at these meetings how the field is short staffed but the entry level jobs require experience. I am working as a contractor (3 years) but not in InfoSec–but compliance. So starting on my certs with hope that it will attract attention.

Love my 3D printers (U3 the most) and now my Glowforge. Perhaps one day it will become a business…actually hoping it will attract attention at Maker Faire in hopes of building the Maker space back up and getting a real home for the group again.