Whatever happened to the referral programme?

Whatever happened to the referral programme? The last I saw saw there were some referral. Now that I see, there’s none!. When I emailed glowforge, there’s no reply. What is happening? I need to know! We need to know!

the referral program likely ends in 13.5 hours.

The link does not appear if you are not logged into the website. I believe there is an owners link at the top that should enable you to create, login or recover your password if you need to.

If you haven’t bought yet save yourself and someone else $100 and use someone’s referral link.

Calm. Down.

I’m not sure how much you read the forums, but @dan mentioned they’ve got like 6000 support tickets in their queue. Most of them are people complaining about some limitation or another.

This thing isn’t shipping for months. If there’s an issue with the referral program (you aren’t clear about what your problem is; I can log in and see referrals just fine, for example - are you logged in? It only appears if you are). You are using too many exclamation points, however. So just chill for a bit and wait; the GF support team will get to you.

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it’s up to 11,500 last I checked. : )

Referral program will run over the weekend but may change a lot or end after that.


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