What's working?


When I agreed to accept my Glowforge I was able to see a nice list of things that are finished, in-progress, and “bonus.” Is there a way to see that list again? I’ve got a lot of people asking questions now that arrival is imminent.



I would suggest that since that list will change between the time you receive yours and the time they receive theirs that we not volunteer the information.

They will see it when the time comes. :wink:


No no… I’m talking about my family and friends. And myself for that matter! The list was well put together. I’d like to have it.


Oh, gotcha! (And sorry for sounding like an old mamaw…I was talking on the phone while typing and had my legal hat on…split attention…)

I don’t know that there is a way to go back to it…i never bothered. Check your magic email to see if the link is still in there.


Yeah… The link is just to the shipping site and that site no longer has that… just that I can read the manual and buy stuff from the store… uhh. market… uhh… I mean shop. :wink:


Sorry if I missed that you got your “magic” email. Congrats!!!


Heh… I think I casually mentioned it in somebody else’s announcement. :wink:
Thanks! I’m super-psyched! It’s been 3 days since I got the e-mail. That means I’m 3 days closer to getting my Glowforge! :wink:


Now that access to the shop is semi-public, could you give us an idea of the cost of the proofgrade materials please Tom.


I think I can. As of the time of this posting:
Acrylic starts at $3.25
Cherry Hardwood starts at $7
Hard Maple Plywood starts at $11
Walnut Veneer starts at $16
Leather starting at $9
…a few more…

There’s not currently a very large variety in the shop. It is, of course, still in beta. So prices and materials will change at any time.


Comparable/slightly more than Inventables/laserbits stuff.


Thanks. So, quite expensive. Pretty much what I thought. Can’t see me using Proofgrade much then.


I hear you. I really do. But I plan on trying them out. All of them, as I see fit. And I’ll compare to non-Proofgrade and make a decision then. From what I’ve heard from PRUsers, any doubt was removed once they used them. So I’ll be happy to perform those experiments and come to my own conclusions.


We are all getting some :proofgrade:, and we be able to do some experimentation. I’m looking forward to it.


The magic is that I haven’t gotten my email, and I’m also 3 days closer to getting my :glowforge:!


You guys don’t forget your Founder’s discount. (Also applied at checkout.) Prices are the same or cheaper than other laser supply stores for similar materials. Free shipping over $100. (Probably for US only…sorry guys.)

And the material quality is better. A lot better. I just placed another order.

It’s good stuff. You’ll see soon. :relaxed:

Just a heads up though - it takes a while to get an order filled, probably due to limited supply right now…place your order early and give yourself a week or two lead time before you think you’ll need it. Don’t run through your whole stack and try to get some more within a couple of days…it ain’t gonna happen.


I’ll live in unfounded, hopeful denial until this gets proven wrong. Wonder if GF will eventually let us set up group buys at a discount… ship a pallet to someone with a loading dock, let them mail it out domestically.

Not to derail the conversation too drastically, but are there any wood options that are unfinished?


The veneers are unfinished. (Not that many choices at present…expect to see more added later.)


Great, thanks. I’m sure they’ll flesh stuff out as time goes on, but the PG plywood is what I’d expect to order the most of, and pre-finished only would put a big dent in the projects I could use it for. We shall see!


From what I can see, there can be a significant difference in the plys and woods - On the cast acrylic, Is there really much of a difference?


Good question! Perhaps a PRUser has that answer. I certainly can’t think of a reason there’d be a heck of a lot of difference in PG vs non.