What's your favorite song?

I made this 3d cassette tape the other day that turned out to be pretty popular. Someone suggested putting a qr code on it to play your favorite song. I like that idea for the future. What’s your favorite song?


Depends on the day.

I still hunt down new music all the time even at my relatively advanced age (which is supposedly unusual*) but two days ago this little gem came across my feed that took me back, a dense mix of the best stuff from the 80s:

* citation: https://www.iq-mag.net/2018/06/music-discovery-stalls-aged-30/


First, nicely done.

Second, never have been able to say I have one favorite. More like these 50 are favorites.
I’ll post my favorite of my favorite drummer though. In this one performance Neil killed it:

10 1/2 minutes of pure awesome

Go ahead and break out the good sound and crank it to 11 for this.
RIP Neil, you gave us so much.


Listen other evans you can’t mention favorite drummers and not expect people to try to dm you. Then once people (me) thoughtfully type something to you it gets blocked because you aren’t accepting them. Ruuuuuude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway here’s my super private message:

What's your favorite song? - #3 by markevans36301

You got netflix? If so have you seen fred armisen’s standup for drummers?

A comedy show built around drummer stuff. It’s weird but funny, kind of like Fred Armisen :wink:

How did that happen?

But yeah, I’ll check out Fred and get back with you.

Nice job! I was heartbroken when my favorite cassette tape did the unwind & tangle/mangle thing in the player. I switched over to CDs but never got back some of the music I had. Stuff that played a few times, the DJ never said what the name of the song was, so I’m stuck.

There is so much creativity on this forum; thank you for sharing your work.

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the ONE music concert I ever went to was a Billy Joel/Elton John evening in San Antonio. Billy Joel was OK (back in his full-time drunk days, yes, he was drunk that night), but Elton John was stellar. When his gig was done, he and the bandmates walked off stage, except for the drummer.

The drummer put on a 10-minute show that eclipsed everything else that wasn’t Elton John. OMG, it was so good.


Oooh, nice. Brings back some


Rush was absolutely my favorite band of all time. Saw them the first time in 1976 at the Capital Centre, Landover MD. Wasn’t my favorite because of flash, or popularity, or lyrics or even style. It was because they made three simple instruments sound like 9. More tonally precise music could be heard during a single instrumental than from any other band I have ever heard.


Strokiń by Clarence Carter

This text will be blurredhttps://youtu.be/-f0hioL6fuo


It varies by day, but this one is usually my favorite lately:

Mary Hopkin- Those Were the Days


This is a favorite though might be racy for some


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I watched the first 5 seconds and decided maybe I should wait till no one is around to watch this, I’m either going to fall out of my seat with laughter, or turn bright red.


These are the stats:

Eric and I love and listen to all genres of music.

Rock,Blues, Jazz, Country, Dance, Country, Classical, Soul, Bluegrass,Soul, Operatic, etc!

We have known each other for 35 years —-been married for 25 years and we are still on our honeymoon.

After I saw this thread I asked him “Do you know my favorite song?” He looked at me and was speechless. After 30 seconds he said so sadly “I thought I knew everything about you.”

I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and very excitedly said “Strokiń by Clarence Carter.”

He SCREAMED his response “WHAT!!!” The look on his face was very similar to this one.

One more fact—Favorite Christmas Song —Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer



Rush is my all-time favorite band. Neil was one of the best drummers that’s ever lived. I’ve seen them probably half a dozen times in concert. My first concert of theirs was the Moving Pictures tour in the early 80’s . As the kids these days would say “mind blown” :wink:


Now playing in the background… Somehow a perfect fit for my morning.


Those cassettes are well done and, I suspect, a good way to feel old when people keep asking you “what’s that?”

I don’t think I have a favorite song. I don’t like too much repetition, so it shifts around a lot, but usually what I’m listening to would be more likely to appear on Dr. Demento than any top Spotify playlists. There are two I could mention for different reasons. First is most recently played: Not Perfect by Tim Minchin. He has some brilliantly written songs and some musically great songs, and this is probably neither. But there’s something about the “and it’s fine” bit that just knocks me over. It’s also straddles that line between “clever funny” and “clever serious” in a satisfyingly uncomfortable way.

The other one is a song that has a lot of personal meaning to me. A Talk with George by Jonathan Coulton. Again, not one of his biggest hits. But there was a time when I had this job that was going nowhere. It was easy for me to keep doing it, but I was way overqualified and underpaid. I was coming up on 5 years and I had an increasingly nagging feeling of wasting my life, but I didn’t have any other plans and I had bills to pay. I had a short commute and I was listening to a lot of Jonathan Coulton in the car. This song came up on the way in one day and I really listened to it:

Don’t live another day unless you make it count
There’s someone else that you’re supposed to be
There’s something deep inside of you that still wants out
And shame on you if you don’t set it free

So I quit.


My favorite Christmas song is Snoopy’s Christmas. It’s the only song that I don’t get sick of hearing year round.


I have a bunch of favorites, but the one I’m listening to at the moment is this (band called Porcupine Tree):

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I love Jonathan Coulton. I like that song, but definitely spend more time listening to RE: Brains, ikea song, and all the other funny ones than I like to admit. They cheer me up.

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