Wheel number 2

The first wheel that fell apart has been fixed. Now if you look closely you can see this one is warped. I always clean the machine but this wheel is now causing me problems.

The image is kinda out of focus, it’s difficult to see the issue. perhaps a few pictures at different angles?

What problems are happening?

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re seeing trouble with the alternate wheel on your Glowforge. It’s a little difficult to see the warping you are noticing on the wheel from this image.

Would it be possible to send over some additional photos of the wheel at different angles? We’ll review the photos, and send over the next best steps.

Thank you!

Did they really only send one replacement when the other one failed?

That is beyond belief… (not doubting you, just can’t believe they would do that given the rate at which these are failing.)


Yes I received only one wheel. I will take several pictures on the other one now and show them.

Hello Marc. I will take several more pictures and upload them tomorrow for you

The wheel may look straight but you can see from the second picture when I cut the wood how the line is wavy from the wheel.

I see why now. If you look at the wheel on the left and see the shiny part in the middle. The wheel is wearing out and will break like the other. If I can get a few wheel so I dont have to bother glowforge company again I would appreciate it. Thank you

A little blurry but you can see the shiny part in the middle of the wheel on the left. That is metal cause the wheel is wearing out. I was only sent one wheel when the other one broke. I hope they can send more than one if this happens again. I have customers waiting

Better picture

I wonder if the scraped rough track is effectively sanding your wheel down. are those metal filings on the circuit board?

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That is just acrylic dust from a piece I engraved

The steel post would eventually damage the aluminum gantry, but that’s not apparent here.

You shouldn’t need more than one replacement wheel. These have not been prone to failure, but there appears to have been a bad batch/product switch that made it into production recently, the replacements should not fail. I just can’t fathom why they would only send one when both would have come from the same bad batch.


I’ve been working with my brother on this wheel issue. I know someone had posted an STL file to 3D print, which I did, but the STL file was for one solid piece, which doe snot accommodate the bearing at all. I redesigned it so that the original bearing can be reused(assuming it’s not shot) and glued into the replacement wheel. . I’ve not tested it yet, waiting for another print job to finish. Can update findings after it’s printed. GF Gantry Wheel.stl (120.0 KB)

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I would agree here, all four should be sent if the end user is going to spend the time to take it apart and replace one they should all be swapped out so this does not keep happening. Four times shipping has to cost more than sending three more with the first.


That was probably my wheel design you are referring to. I haven’t extracted the original bearings from a set of wheels, but I have press-fit new bearings into that wheel.

What problems did you have reusing the old bearing?

It’s only the front wheels that are failing.

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