Wheel number 2

Ah! I just assumed they were all the same spec’ed wheels.

The front are smaller. Just waiting to see if the can hopefully replace is quickly so 8 dont lose my customers

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Ah yes, they were yours indeed. When printed, the ID of the file was 9.7mm but the bearing has an OD of 12mm. Not even possible to fit in. I open your original file in Tinkercad and created a 9mm cylinder so you can see it barely fits.

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I suppose its time I clean the air assist fan. :smiley: Been awhile since I have had the plate off.

There has been more than one part used since the machine was created.

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Ah, that explains it. The replacement bearings I found have a 10mm OD, which is what the part is designed for. (The interior of a 3D printed circle is often a bit smaller than spec, which accounts for the discrepancy.) The 10mm bearings are a tight press fit, but there is no way a 12mm bearing would fit, even if the bore was widened - the part would split in two.

I hadn’t measured a set of the original bearings because my wheels are still intact.

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@eflyguy the gantry looks rougher than mine, maybe it is the lighting?

Thank you for posting that photo. I’ve just followed up with your email to get you a replacement wheel.

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I just rezied that hole and reprinted. With a bit of shaving and some a good press, the bearing fit real snug inside. I then cured the part after I pressed it in. I seriously doubt it’ll ever come out…heh.

I’ll upload the STL shortly.


For those that need a replacement gantry wheel that uses a 12mm bearing, here is the STL file.


Thank you for sharing the STL of this! You rock!

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