Wheel of Time coasters


The Wheel of Time chapter icons are available for non-commercial use. So I made coasters.


Turned out stunning! :grinning:


Nice designs for coasters


SQUEEEE!!! I love me some Wheel of time! :smiley: Good work. Thanks for sharing.


Way to elevate a coaster!


Awesome did ya hear they are making a series of the books…whoohoo best year of reading I’ve ever had since the hobbit!!


No, I had no idea. I hope they don’t screw it up.

There should be enough material for about 20 years of episodes. :grinning:




and that’s just using original source. With just a little creativity they could make that one last forever. Though I have to admit I never finished the series. For me it started strong, but after several books I felt like it had lost it’s way. Of course I felt the same way about Herbert’s Dune, never got past book 3. Maybe I have literary ADD. I want to have some kind of ADD that way I fit in :grinning:


These are great!


Those are really nicely done.