Wheels on track that head runs on. Broke on day two

JUL-21 at 9:48 am about an incident on JUL-20 at approximately 9:00pm.
We got our glow Forge pro on Saturday. We built shelves and set it up on Sunday. But because of church we did not do much work on the Glow Forge I made a sit in earrings. Starting on Monday my wife started making some portraits. Monday night I started working on more cross earrings. During the process of making the earrings I noticed the laser head was starting to jump erratically up and down also sitting crooked. So I stopped the machine turned it off and me and my wife Went over the process of cleaning The machine. I mean seriously there’s no way it could be dirty with the little amount of work we head done. But what else do you do. During the process of cleaning the Crumb tray I noticed some round objects laying on top of the tray. These turned out to be the small plastic wheels that guide the laser head down the track as shown in picture. So please send me some replacement wheels and instructions on how to replace them as soon as possible. We just infested so much $ in a piece of equipment to work from home with, i’ve lost my job and we think The glow Forge Will help us make money. But now on the second day we can’t use it. I’m not trying to complain but we have opened a small area in a store to sell products and we can’t make products it’s kind of a problem. Also no replay from GF support.

Thank you

Unfortunately, there has been a rash of those breaking recently, and the company is aware of the issue. Support will get around to you, just a matter of them mailing it out to you.
It takes a 3mm Allen wrench to install the wheel, but it’s likely they may send a new carriage since the other 3 wheels are likely the same.

I’ve had mine for 3 years now without an issue, hang in there! :+1:


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the wheels. I’ve just replied to your email with the next steps to receive a replacement part.

We’ll continue working on this through email, so this post will be closed.