need front gantry wheels

A staff member will be along to help you out, but they’re going to want pictures of the broken ones so they can confirm which ones you need. They will also end up having this conversation via email since it involves personal account info.

Hi @j_trexler. I’m sorry to hear that you’re in need of some front gantry wheels. I’ll be happy to help and see @deirdrebeth has given some great advice already.

Could you post photos of any of the wheels in question, along with highlighting any areas where you many notice any damage. Once received, we can review the photos and decide the best next steps to help. Thank you!

I would like to post the pictures if i knew how to can you just e mail me

or just call me

This is not a feature Glowforge supports.

Click edit (the pencil)
Hit enter a couple times
Click upload (the box with an arrow pointing up)
Select the photo from where it’s saved on your phone or your computer.
If you have more than one, hit enter a couple more times and repeat.

If you are working on a regular computer and can save the photos from your phone to a cloud app like google photos you can down load that to a computer and then drag and drop the photo into this space.

That is how I do so anyway.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the snag you experienced with the wheels on your Carriage Plate. I appreciate you posting photos of the wheels you noticed were damaged. I’ve reached out directly via email with the next best steps, and I will now close this thread.