When a tool goes missing

You grab your lathe tools that have been collected dust since you got a laser a d make a new one!

Making a leather bag for my neice, my burnishing tool walked off (presumably by my 5 year old tornado of chaos)

Grabbed a dowl, grabbed my carbide bits and went to town on my lathe, it’s very functional and I may engrave it later on. For now it’s time to get back to work


Don’t let anything stand in your way!


My routing tool was missing it’s plastic routing plate…was…clear proof grade acrylic to the rescue!


We have the six-year-old model here, since my daughter’s family moved next door. Nothing is ever where I think it should be anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I can’t even find the dog’s brush this week. I used it like Monday or Tuesday and now it’s gone. Lol dang it.
My daughter actually sleeps in a safety bed. Otherwise at night she would get up and wander the house and get into so sorts of things.


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