When bad prints happen to good people

Same here. Hit the play icon and it loads an empty

00:00 -00:00

Video area.

But if I edit the post and simply edit->save with no changed it comes back to life…

Sorry for being unclear, I certainly can see the issue with the video in
this topic. However, I cannot reproduce the issue - I can’t make it happen
myself - so we have no way of determining what is going wrong.

huh. it is 100% reproducible for me. I am pasting the 1080p link from vimeo

These are what are failing. Can you try that same link set (it works fine on other websites I maintain which has those links embedded)

I’ve added that link to our testing sandbox, try.discourse.org. You can
view the topic here: https://try.discourse.org/t/vimeo-link-test/862. The
video appears to be working without issue there.


They seem to die off several hours later. If I go back and edit the original post, the link will come back to life for a few hours too…

OK, that’s good to know. Would seem to imply that there is a background
task running that affects the embed. Do you know specifically how many


No. appears to be several.

OK. I’m keeping an eye on the Try topic, still looks good after almost 3


Video on try looks dead to me now

Yep, dead for me now too.

I liked this… but I don’t like this.

Yep, just got back from lunch and saw that. Will have engineering take a


OK, it looks like Vimeo embeds have a unique token which is likely
time-limited. We’ll need to wait a few hours to confirm, but it looks as
though you can simply use a link to the video, like
https://player.vimeo.com/video/165227943. Details are in the try topic.


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