When did the glowforge campaign start?

So, I’m trying to come up with a guess for where I am in the queue to get my glowforge.

I’m assuming that they’re being shipped out in the order they were purchased, except for a few people being prioritized for being beta testers or active on the forums.

I got an email about the crowdfunding campaign on Oct 9th 2015, but I’m not sure when the campaign started. Does anyone know for sure?


september 24th, iirc


Everybody wants to know but we simply don’t know all the criteria.

Criteria we do know:

order date
pro or basic : pro units are not yet shipping, should start soon
US or other :glowforge: is still working out foreign shipping

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Makes sense.

There are a lot of unknowns for the actual ship date. There are the factors you mentioned and the ones discussed in the recent monthly updates, and there are other questions like how quickly the production run is ramping up. I’m sure nothing is linear in this process… :slight_smile:

I was trying to get a feel for where I was in the crowdfunding campaign. I ordered the day after I got the robot turtles follow-up email, but apparently that was about halfway through the campaign. Not what I was hoping for, but good to know.


did you get a pro machine, or basic? Filter also?

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Basic with filter, shipping to the US, ordered Oct 10. I have a spot to use it without a filter, just thought the filter would be make it more versatile.


Have you looked at (and entered your data on) the spreadsheet?


Cool, thanks for the link.