When is order processed?

Maybe someone here can answer this, since support doesn’t seem to be available on the weekend. I am thinking about ordering my Glowforge with Affirm, they start charging me as soon as Glowforge processes the order. Since the Glowforge won’t ship until May, does that mean that I will make 3 payments before it even arrives? Or do they hold off processing until it ships?

I had the exact same question and no answer from support, in my case I didn’t qualify for the full price of the glowforge after paying the difference I set up my account with affirm and in my case I won’t be required to make my first payment until April its not ideal but its better than paying glowforge and then paying affirm in the same month.

No, you will make payments before it ships. I have made 3 payments and still have not received my Glowforge Pro.

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