When One Man's Scrap is the Same Man's Treasure

Wound up with a couple of fascinating pieces of scrap today. I’ll post the project they came from when it’s finished later this week, but right now I’m noodling ideas of what to do with these surprise beauties. They kind of have a fantasy space opera feel to them. Makes me wanna rally my midi-chlorians, grab my bat’leth, and haul the One Ring across the 'verse to the fires of planet Dune.

Any suggestions of what I should do with these bad boys?

Any stories to share about your own treasured scrap pieces?


Ahh, a good old fashioned scrap thread.

Good news, people have presented scrap projects many times, even some threads exactly like this — with the same “show me your scrap projects” vibe. Here you go:



Very cool; thanks!

Question of etiquette, as I haven’t been active in a web forum environment for nearly a decade: is it bad form for me to make an OP about this subject when there are others out there, like you indicated? Or is it bad form to revive an old thread on the same topic to show my scrap treasure?

Or both?

Or neither?

suddenly feels decidedly old and wanders off in search of coffee


I can’t speak to forum etiquette really, but I’m thinking it’s preferable to just post to an old thread which will bump it up to make it current. That way at least everything is contained in one area. I think it’s very polite of you to even ask.


I think either way is fine…the old, old posts here are still open, but a while back they changed the settings so posts are closed after 30 days. So you may or may not be able to find a place to continue an old thread. Also, we’re generally a pretty forgiving bunch. :wink:


It’s your forum just as much as anyone else’s :slight_smile:

There’s no one way to enjoy this place, no one way to contribute. It’s like the faq says, posts here are a gift of the poster’s time, it would be inconsiderate for anyone to suggest that you’re “doing it wrong”.


They look like battle kites :rofl::rofl:.


If you cut one in half and glued them together you’d have one heck of a mace!


Post away and search will sort it all out anyway. Between some categories locking after a while and others remaining undead, and new people coming in and some people just reading new topics and not bothering with old topics, the chances are that posting to an old topic will get fewer reads than posting a new topic. Would be interesting to test out.

It’s all 1s and 0s anyway and we can let the bazaar sort it out.


If Battle Kites wasn’t a late-80’s cartoon with full Hasbro toy line, it absolutely should have been.

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I like the style of your thinks.


Battle kites is probably the most popular thing to do with kites around the world. A bit of googling shows many videos in South Asia. None I found in English.

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I couldn’t find it when I googled it. But fighter kites have been around for a long time around the world. I saw “Battle Kites” the manga when I googled. :rofl: :rofl: I just saw @rbtdanforth 's reply. He said what I was thinking. :rofl: I can totally see it being a mace that @deirdrebeth mentioned though. you can slice a rectangle out of the middles and slide one side over the other and make it 3D.


Just search “kites” in Youtube

I couldn’t find the 80s show or hasbro toy line. :rofl::rofl: maybe i didn’t do a deep enough search, but i don’t think I’m super invested in looking for it. The more i look, the more i want to make a kite.


The fighting kites are both easy and cheap as it is the poorest kids who are most into it and they expect to lose them frequently. I saw a youtube video on how to make those but I think it was in Farsi.

For myself, I would be looking to use Chinese lantern tech to build flying dragons but it would take a body I no longer have.

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Don’t feel bad at all for asking. There are people who will happily interact and provide feedback, and there are also people that will share past posts, and it’s all good. Try not to take those replies personally, I don’t think they are meant that way (though I can’t speak for anyone else’s intent).

I love using scraps! I love making earrings and pins and other small things with scraps.


Oooo! They look like scepters to me. I’d cut holes in the top to just fit large rhinestone jewels, and glue them in. Paint the wood a metallic color. Maybe a few feathers along the outsides.


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