When Turn On, Button Stays Orange. (Condensation in Forge, Fans Acting Strangely)

I found the forge full of condensation when I came in the room in the morning. I believe it was due to the air conditioner in the room being left on last night.

I removed the crumb tray and wiped the inside carefully using a towel. When turning the Glowforge on later, the fan acted strangely. It went on at certain times and off at others sporadically. When I attempted a 3 min cut, the fan varied from high to low power, and actually shut off towards the end of the cut. Now the button turned orange and stays orange. Fan works when turning on, staying in low speed. Tempature in room is around 70 degrees. Forge is definitely not too warm.

To fix, I tried:

  • Holding the button to make it turn teal and re-add the wi-fi, but then it turns Orange again.

  • Powering off, wait 30 sec, power on, also no good (tried 10 times).

  • Disconnected Fan and Connected it again, did not fix the issue. Fan seems to be spinning at a normal rate when power on.

Glowforge is only a month old. I live in Hawaii and would like to try all things to fix before having to send the entire machine back.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and I just replied there with next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.