When will Glowforge make a Machine with a larger work area?

Is there ever going to be a glowforge made with a larger work space? I have the MUSE Titan and it is 24x48 but has a lot of bugs and has been down half the time I have owned it.

I think glowforge should definitely look into making a GLOWFORGE XL (18”x36”) and a GLOWFORGE Master Series(24”x48”). These sizes would open up so many more options for us as crafters that enjoy the software and ease of use that Glowforge offers. I know I would definitely purchase the larger option for the projects that I do.


Well they just came out with their “Aura”, which is even smaller than the Basic. And we never know when something new is coming out. And as the staff doesn’t really monitor the forums anymore, you’re best bet would be to email Support and make the suggestion. Maybe if enough people request a larger version it will happen.


my guess is it won’t happen. i think GF has reinforced that their primary market is the home hobbyist with the Aura release.


Back in the super early days there was talk/speculation (?) that GF was designed to be as large as possible and still be shippable by regular carriers.


Not going to happen. Look at commercial lasers if you want something larger.


That’s what I remember, Between the size and weight constraints, they designed the glowforge to fit that box.


I have a rule, I don’t buy anything I can’t move by myself. So I’m out. :slight_smile:


they just need a deeper bed and some way to rotate cups.

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They could go a tad bit bigger. The xTool P2 gets delivered by UPS/FedEx in a cardboard box like a Glowforge, and can fit 12x24" sheets and is tall enough for a rotary to do tumblers. But certainly not 18x36 or 24x48". Beyond the shipping issues, moving in that direction should really be accompanied by B2B support contracts, overnight parts availability, a dealer/service network for on-site tech support and repairs, and the other stuff commercial laser operators expect. I just don’t think any of that is in Glowforge Inc’s DNA, and the hardware without the support network behind it would be only half of a product.


Dan confirmed that was the reasoning. Their cooling system takes up X space as well. No idea how xTool is set up as far as that goes.
That the Aura is half the size and 1/3rd the weight might indicate they figured out a few ways to save more space - but diode vs CO2 means it’s a very different object.


Aura is far less complex. There’s no tube, cooling system, mirrors, etc. It’s basically a small, light head on a gantry inside a plastic safety box.


Think a good question could be: with interchangeable head parts: why can’t this be dropped into the CO2 inclosures?

Don’t really help make a larger work area though.