When will I get my machine?!

I ordered and paid for in full (cash!) on october 3rd, 2018, Glowforge said that I could expect it on the 13th on October, 2018.
I ordered the Glowforge Plus in which they said they had in stock, here it is the 17th and no emails of shipping date.
I have emailed them and one of the rep’s said, sorry for the slow shipment and you can expect an email and updated shipping (in which I have not gotten) my Glowforge webpage still says to be delivered on 13th.
If you have had them in stock when I paid in full for it then what is up with the delay in shipping? Seem’s if I had ordered on Amazon I would’ve gotten it in days as some others have said…
Not sure what to do…cancel the order and get my $4000.00 back or just blindly wait…???
Why do you say you have something in stock and give a delivery date when it seem’s you don’t have it in stock?
When can I really expect my Glowforge to show up?!! I have signed up for ups my choice and nothing shows delivery for the next 2 weeks… wth?!


Sorry to hear about your delay. I’m sure you’ll get it soon enough and enjoy the heck out of it. But are you really comparing a startup company to freaking Amazon?! I think you can cut them a little slack. :slight_smile:

I think he’s referring to the fact that you can (or at least could*) buy a Glowforge Plus on Amazon.

* It’s no longer in stock on Amazon.


a few weeks…HA thats nothing to what i had to wait for the machine. of course i preordered mine back in the day before they got any of the machines out. STILL was 2 years of waiting. I doubt it would be that long but you have to understand they are a new company and not “amazon” like yet

I do worry about their support response speed tho :confused:

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Guess there’s a difference of a couple years ago when they were a start up company compared to buying it now and saying they have them in stock… :wink:


Its still a new company. I’ve had my moments with them where i’m frustrated. but you have to give them a bit of a break since they’ve only just this year started shipping out machines. Plus these aren’t no little mechanisms. They are rather large and complex machinery that is not easy to ship. So ya.

Well niteowlworkshop how about you sending me $4000.00 and me telling you you’ll get your product by tomorrow, then I won’t give you any follow up until I see appropriate? How’d you feel then?
Seems like a bad idea if I tell you I have car’s in stock and ready to ship… in which I don’t actually have them cars, then tell you that I have a new shipping date for you and not give you the details of the shipping date, or better yet. how about you call me so I can send you straight to an answering machine and tell you to email me and I might get back to you in 3-4 days… but keep looking for that email and watch your page because the new shipping date will be updated…
I feel that support could do much better for a company that wants to thrive in their product…
And yeah you’d be pissed about me having your 4 grand and no replys or dates… because one hand don’t know what the other hand is doing…

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You should see the current estimated shipment notification date (not the date on which you will receive your GF) by going to https://glowforge.com/account . You’ll need to log in with the same username and PW you use here in the forum. Once you are logged in, you may need to use the URL a second time to access your account history (you’re kind of in limbo until you receive and set up your GF, so I can’t say for sure exactly where you’ll end up after logging in.)

Good luck and welcome to the Community!

Edited: I swear I read the OP multiple times, but completely missed the fact that their page still states the 13th. Apologies for any confusion.

As someone quite rightly pointed out to me just yesterday, we “old-timers” need to remember that new owners don’t necessarily know the historical ups and downs of our extended waits. Just my two cents worth…


i completely agree. if GF sets an expectation now that they’re in delivery mode, not “you preordered” mode, then they should either meet that expectation or communicate better (or at all) when there are issues. you shouldn’t pass by a shipment date with no notification that it still hasn’t shipped.


I appreciate that orders and delivery expectations have changed now. Some clarification of the shipping process after delivery seems to be in order. I hope the recent spate of murkiness is an anomaly and is rectified and everyone gets to lasering as quickly as possible.

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I am so sorry for the frustrating experience. You should have just received an email from us with an update. Your order was affected by a unique issue that prevented it from shipping promptly. You’ll receive another email shortly with tracking information.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at support@glowforge.com.

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