When will I hear back from GF support?

Been down for two days now, have had to turn off items on my website. I’m losing $ during my busiest time of the year. Please advise. I need to get back online.

Describe the issue as clearly as you can and what steps you took to resolve it. Include pictures or a brief video if that helps to show the issue, and show or describe what the results were. If you provide the information up front, in your first post to them, they do not have to come back and ask for it and then wait to hear from you.

Each time you don’t give them information they need to diagnose your issue, it adds more turnaround time.

If you want to describe the problem here, some of the other customers may be able to get you started in the right direction before Glowforge support checks in. Frequently the issues have been seen before.

But some things do require support assistance. If so, someone will let you know that you need to wait for them.

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We had a thread going yesterday with some other members, with no luck, but here is my situation.
I use my GF approx 5-6 days a week for various amounts of time. I was cutting on Tuesday until about 6 pm EST with no issues. When I turned my GF Wednesday morning she was Offline. I went trough all of the standard protocol procedures to restart everything and have gone through the setup process with no luck. She is giving off a WiFi signal, but will not connect to my WiFi or my personal hotspot on my iPhone. I’ve worked through with the IT guy and have had no luck. She just won’t connect.

I have a ticket open with support where I shared this same information, but have yet to hear back. Wanted to know what their turnaround time has been.

have you heard anything from GF? I have a ticket open too and still waiting

I have not

Okay, but just to let you know…every time you guys open another ticket in Problems and Support you are slowing things down…for both yourselves and other people. They have to round up all the tickets and close them, and that wastes time they could be working on getting your issues resolved.

That’s the way the system is set up…if you just want anecdotes from other users or to chat, post it in the Everything Else section. Try to keep your actual problems to either one post or email. That’s all it takes, and multiple posts do not speed up the resolution. They make it worse. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just so you are aware, by making a new post here, that opens a new, separate support ticket that they will now have to address as well. This really slows down the works. Your best bet is, if you already have a ticket open, either here or on email, limit your correspondence to that one ticket. The more they get, the slower they get.

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I had tried to go through the setup process at least 25 times since yesterday. She has been off for the last couple of hours and I just turned her on and she connected to WiFi. I wonder what was going on?

Glad it’s working now. :+1:

I’m sorry for the trouble with your unit, and for our delayed response. I’ve sent you a response with additional information on your email ticket, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.