When you have an idle moment

Rare I know, but when you do this has to be about the favorite thing in our house at the moment.
A game which shows you screenshots from google street view. You have to guess where in the world they are. Give it a try.
Sorry I know it has nothing to do with the GF.


That is what “Everything Else” means. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Nice little game. Can see inventing a nice little drinking game of it based on how wrong someone is:

It’s a drunk betting game kind of like the game of Bulls#it:
Player states where it “is”: Continent, nation, and/or city. Level of detail up to the “it” person.

guesses are made as to how correct or just how wrong that statement is.
shot for siding with an incorrect guess
shot for betting against a correct answer(whether guess or not)

The “it” person:
shot for every 1000 miles off
shot for being on the wrong continent or nation(hard core both)

everyone else drinks if you’re within 100 miles/ doubles if you’re in the right city.

Hmmmm i’d be drunk now… closest was 121 miles off in Thailand.
wrong side of US. 3000 miles just in Canada too = 3+ 1 drinks(wrong country_
Saudi instead of India. 3000 miles =3 + 1 drinks
Australia instead of Bolivia. 12000 miles 12+ 1 drink(wrong continent)
Angola instead of Botswana. 1000 miles 1+ 1 drink
then Thailand no one drinks(hard core 1 for wrong city)


That’s hilarious…but it actually sounds like fun. Or maybe it sounds like fun if I was much younger…:smiling_imp:

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This is fun

yeah this is awesome. my first run wasnt too bad:

It was fun. I bookmarked it so I could play some more. My score was just a tad behind yours, Tacitus.

This is great, I’m definitely bookmarking it too.!