When your kid comes to you at the last moment and says, tomorrow is dress like your dream job day


First thought. Are you kidding. I’m going to bed in 2 hours. Couldn’t you have mentioned this a week ago.

Second thought: What do you want to be. Answer: A You Tuber.

Third thought: I have some plain t-shirts, some fabric spray paint, and the all important glowforge.



Excellent save!

The shirt looks great.



Great design too! :grinning:



He asked for the you tube arrow to point up at him. What a clever and creative kid I have.



For the WIN! Well done!:sunglasses:



Well played!

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What a good mom you are. The project came out great!

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You are the hero.

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Must be watching the same videos as my son. When we ask him what he wants to be when he grows up: Youtuber.

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A study just came out that showed that boys were more often dreaming to be YouTube stars (girls were looking more at STEM careers, so we’re both winning and losing here).

FWIW, my son started his own YouTube channel at about age 11 (with my support). There’s no reason he can’t start this particular dream today. It’s a great opportunity to talk about Internet safety and not using his real name, name of his school, t-shirts with his school name, etc. Can’t tell how old he is, but he definitely looks young enough that you’ll be doing the editing. :slight_smile: Actually, my kids have been making their own videos for ages, but my son got tired of waiting for me to edit his videos, so he learned to do it himself.



OR take a long at KidzVuz, which is run by some friends of mine. It’s a video platform for kids: https://www.kidzvuz.com/

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Mom to the rescue! Thank goodness (for your sanity anyway) he didn’t say Astronaut!

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