Where are all the videos?


As I am watching my 10th iPhone X unboxing video, I am wondering where all of the videos are for the glowforge? I would think that by now enough glowforge is are in people’s hands that they would be sharing what they are doing on YouTube. A full review, tips and tricks, and complete projects. Where are they? Is anybody planning on doing any? Are they out there and I’m missing it?

I come from a community of techies that video blog technology the minute it comes out. A new drone, a new cell phone, a new video game system. I suppose the target market for glowforge is a different demographic. I know I’ll be making some videos when I get mine. Who has got some great videos reviewing this machine? Not like the pros like Tested who got to play with a PRU, but one of us giving their honest assessment with a walkthrough.


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Well, I’m working on a YouTube channel, just buried in everything.


A YouTube search for Glowforge gives me 11,600 hits.


Working on some now :slight_smile:

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It’s never occurred to me to make a video, I have a face for radio.


Several of us have been posting videos. Mine are at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAI5DVh2q_U5eo1Jg0-x9A5prMV4XhSWO. They’ve gotten progressively less produced and more “turn the camera on and stream” over time.


I’m hoping to go the other direction. I specifically want to improve production value as I go along.

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