Where can I buy a new lid Camera?

My lid camera is blurry! Ive cleaned it, looks clean and no scratches. Ive done the calibration test and it will not finish it says at the end no changes where needed. It also doesnt show my whole tray. It shows part of the door as well! Has anyone had to replace a lid camera?

Not designed for customer replacement. Suggest you contact support and send screenshots, they will likely suggest the machine be replaced.


I sounds like you don’t have anything wrong. It never shows the whole tray, it does show the door. If it says “no changes needed” it is probably correct. The camera is a fisheye and with the corrections, it is extremely narrow focus, so blurry is common and likely. Under the best of circumstances when you use Set Focus it will not be as blurry as usual where you used the set focus but it will never be like the focus on your cell phone much less better.


it requires a special tool to align it and its okay at the factory. However, you might be able to still operate well if you get on your machines level. Here my out;

  1. Score a tiny square in a part of material
  2. turn off the machine and pull the arm to the center without touching the scored material.
  3. Turn it on and have it score again without changing the coordinated in the app.
    If it scored in the same spot then you can be confident in the ability of the camera to focus correctly on the print head.

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