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Hey everyone,
I have been looking at designs in the catalog and there are several earrings and items that need magnets. Where can I buy the hooks or whatever I need for earrings and where is a good place to order the magnets for things like the coffee pod holder, etc. ? Rather than do an Internet search, I thought I’d ask y’all who know. I trust y’all


So I can’t tell you exactly where to look, I’d probably go with amazon at first… but the general term for this is “findings”. So like “earring findings”.


In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t do amazon, I’d go for a more specialized site like that fire mountain gems site or what have you. Likely to get more consistent quality that way I think.


Amazon is the traditional source for those.


I use Amazon, Michael’s, Joann. I go to Michael’s and Joann when I need something right away or have coupons. Michael’s sells hooks that are nickle-free and are clearly labeled as such.

Too many people I know have sensitivity to nickle, so I have to make sure everything I buy is hypoallergenic. FYI, the sterling silver-plated hooks will discolor over time, polishing them with a jewelry cloth will make them go back, but I’ve had a couple of friends say that the sterling silver hooks bother them.

These were the last ear wires I bought, they were from Amazon and I got a good price because of Prime Day. So far it’s been a good value and no complaints (though not highly tested by sensitive individuals).

I don’t know about magnets, I buy all those from Amazon or Harbor Freight.


I buy these hypoallergenic ear wires on Amazon;

(Anodized niobium)
Niobium is an inert metal. Resistant to corrosion. Nickel Free, lead free, cadmium free.

Anodized niobium makes color permanent and non-reactive. It isn’t a paint or tint. Niobium is also a durable and corrosion resistant. A good alternative when other metals cause allergic reactions. While nothing can be guaranteed allergy free, most people tolerate these wires very well.


If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they have a good selection.

I have had good luck with Total Element for magnets:

I often get earring findings at Fire Mountain Gems.

Fire mountain for findings and apex magnets for magnets

Apex magnets 2mmx1mm 5.99 for 100 0.3 lb pull per magnet

You can also see if you have a bead store locally, they’ll carry the findings and have people there who are happy to answer any/all questions for you :slight_smile:

Magnets can also be bought through https://www.kjmagnetics.com/ :slight_smile:

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My preferred source for any jewelry making supply is Rio Grande Jewelry supply:
https://www.riogrande.com/. Not only the ear wires/hooks, but get jump rings, too. And I really like the “travel” set of tools they had that was really inexpensive, but nicer than other full size tools I’ve bought, but I never spent much on them as I only use sporadically/infrequently…

I just recently found some nice round magnets at one of The Dollar Tree stores in my area (pack of 12 or 14, pending size for $1–not sure how they compare to those from other craft supply shops…).

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I use kjmagnetics for my magnets. I’ve had no issues with them



You guys are the best. Thanks a lot


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