Where can I find a mouse like this?

I need to find one of these. :slight_smile:



I need about a hundred of these :grinning:


Oh, that’s just the latest ergonomic mouse. I’ve got one of those.


Oh Man. I’m jealous. :smiley:


Need. :smile:


Sort of answers the argument as to if you are born with a work ethic, or it derives from your upbringing.
Some people (and animals) just have to DO things.

(disclaimer: I do not need any of these to make me crazier. I already have a loving wife who faithfully ‘cleans things’ while I sleep. As in Q: Where Are The Mower Parts? A: Dunno, I put them into one of the boxes. Look around).


They also train rats to clear land mines. I do not think there is a mouse strong enough to help me, though perhaps a ferret could help find thing buried at the bottom of the piles.

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Looks more like what I have seen of a pack rat,judging by the size. I had them in an empty pole barn on my property. Took a few months to get rid of them all. Their caches were amazing. Knitting needles, air intake sponge filters from a mower, slippers, clothing. In the big next in the attic, I took out five five gallon buckets of random junk that got put up there.

Put out some bait blocks. They disappeared. Found them all hidden in their nest and they were none the weaker. Found out that I had to screw them into a two by four. A long one. They dragged a foot long one all the way across the room.

I don’t like them.


They are available from Disney, but you have to sing and dance to get them to do anything.


And even then they just make dresses. :slight_smile:


Not sure how to quote the article about service animals, but FYI, it is full of misinformation if anyone cares. The only animals recognized as service animals by the ADA are dogs and occasionally miniature horses. One can no longer legally pass off cats, monkeys, snakes, or a variety of other animals as a ‘service animal’ as it pertains to public access.


OK… this marks the third or fourth time I’ve clicked into the thread… each time thinking we’re talking about COMPUTER mice… and looking for my next tech purchase.

Perhaps I need to buy some ginkgo biloba instead… :wink:


There are quite a number of service animals doing a good job, though when in a public space I have even seen dogs contested (one I know of was only trained to go get one of specific people if the woman got in trouble but appeared to just be a well behaved pet otherwise)

In many cases the person is so disabled that they would not be in public often or ever. In many more (dogs included) the animal is simply well trained and intelligent and not involved as a registered animal. In still more like the mine clearing rats, or rescue ferrets, it is not about disability per se.

Specifically per the article the point that there are many surprising cases (i was not aware of miniature horses) that narrow focus on dogs might overlook. Actually having and training a pack rat to find your keys (and perhaps other stuff) and put them where they belonged would be a very good thing whether or not you could have it registered with ADA.

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