Where can I find a white camera ribbon?

I think I sprayed cleaner on the white connector ribbon on the lid of my GF. I get a message that a photo cannot be taken. I see there’s directions on replacing, but no option to purchase. Any help would be so appreciated!

Email support.

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Note that spraying fluid onto cables doesn’t break them, it likely causes a short that damages other sensitive electronics.

Your best bet is probably to set up a fan to dry things out thoroughly then see if it returns to normal operation. Changing the cable won’t make a difference if something has been shorted and damaged.


Thanks. I did reach out but I haven’t heard back in days and I’m becoming anxious with my orders piling up.

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Support generally does not work on weekends.

If it’s been days then it should have dried out, so it sounds like the machine will have be to sent in for repair/replacement.


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