Where can I see my credit $ for delay and when can I order proofgrade material to Norway

Hi guys
Where can I see my credit $ for delay (I think I saw it somewhere on my profile but I cant find it now) and when can I buy proofgrade and send it to Norway?


Du kan bestille proofgrade, men det er dyr transport.

Jeg ville foreslå at du forsøker www.alvoen.no


Can some one tell me where I can see my Credits . If I remember right it was few 100$

Glowforge team sent me this 3 years ago :laughing:

• We’re giving you a $20/month credit for delays. You can use this in our newly launched Design Catalog or Proofgrade shop to buy designs, materials, or even spare parts.

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thanks @hansepe but it is no Credit & Billing button on my site :roll_eyes:

any other idea how I can find it?

You need to email support, or post in the Problems and Support forum. They don’t monitor this forum.

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Thanks :+1:

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