Where did my owner tag go?


Self titled edition.

I saw it there last night, automatically appearing under my name, but I don’t see it there now?


There was an Owner tag? Never saw that one.


Looks like some changes are being made. There is now an owner group that I don’t remember. But It’s like the staff group.


Yes I had an owner tag yesterday but it has gone today. Some people still have it though.


I bet they are working on this.


I noticed that some had that tag yesterday also. Shouldn’t we all have that?
Perhaps it should be a “Possessor” badge instead :laughing:


Changes are being made every day. Are they better?
Makes some of us have brain hurt.


I want one that just says “AWESOME”.


there was an issue where dan mass added the owner title to the current user base but didn’t add it as a badge option, which means it couldn’t be re-added if you removed it. i suspect they’re working on fixing that.


Well, in looking through this post, JR is an ‘owner’, Tom is still a ‘regular’…as well as a few more, then the rest of us are just plain nothings…no owner, no regular, no nuthin’ ! :slightly_smiling_face:


But you’ll always be special to us!


Were all still in the group that was created, we just cant use it as a badge.



Funny, I am in that list but I don’t have Owner after my name in it but everybody in the list else does.


Me too. No idea.


The moment I checked/changed the Title setting (under Preferences), I lost the Owner label and then went back and selected Regular (other choice was none).


Everyone currently using the forum (except maybe staff?) is on the list. If you change your title to anything (or nothing since anything is not an option), the Owner title goes away and you cannot get it back. If you have achieved the regular badge and you change your title to regular then you can’t go back to Owner. Why? I have no idea.

We still know who you are though!


Everyone on the forums at this point should have that on their name. I can see a number of people in this thread who dont, including myself


Thats weird…discourse shenanigans again…lol


You’re all Owners and have the privileges attached to it, but the title presence/absence is a mystery that we’re investigating with the @discourse deities.


They think they have a solution - they’ve written a script on the back end to daily assign an Owner badge to all new members of the Owner group. We’ll see tomorrow if that works. :slight_smile: