Where do Glowforge come from?

I have not a clue as to what state/country new GF units come from. Both of our machines are pre owned. I am just wondering because one of my units traveled over 2500 miles with out the factory packing and made it just fine. I wanted to know what state they come from so I know how far my pro will have to go to get fixed.

And of course I expect to hear… Well, when 2 Glowforges love each other…

With the lackluster customer service communication and the threads about those getting there new GF that are shattered in shipping. I am stressing out over needing to send our Pro in to have the Tube replaced! Granted I am going to have to spend an additional $250.00 for the top foam piece that I am missing which is a rip off anyways because new units that have this piece are still showing up SHATTERED! So, how will GF handle it if it shows up damaged or is returned to us damaged?

I finally got a reply stating that GF will invoice us $200 for shipping and then $299 for the tube replacement. But no where does it state that it will be insured to be replaced should Fedex/UPS damage it.

And in that reply they stated they would invoice us but have never done so.


:glowforge: are assembled in southern CA from components from all over the world.

I’m pretty sure that any repairs or returns are still going to Seatle WA where their headquarters are.

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Thanks Mark.

If we could we would drive it there personally just to ensure a safe trip. But it seems as if the Knights Templar, Fight Club and GF all have the same secrete meeting location.

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The inner sanctum knows where it is but good luck getting in!

Jules will never buckle and tell us. Even if it is bamboo splinters made on a GF stuck under her finger nails. Or being water boarded by a custom board laser’d on a GF.

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LOL, the answer is out there for anyone if you know where to look.

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Not going to pull rank on the hubby and use connections. Just figured they would be up front about it.

No, that is what I mean, they are up front about it. I’d tell you but where is the fun in that?

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You must work for GF you speak there native tongue!:grin:


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So… if you buy one $250 box, you can use it for both GFs moving forward. GF has also said that they’ll sell the tubes to us so we don’t have to ship our machines. I have no idea how to replace a tube or how much shipping will be on one, but maybe that’s an option? I don’t think anyone is excited about sending their machines in for tube replacement, box or not. I would, however, assume that GF is going to insure the units. $100 is the normal shipping cost for a new unit (one way…).

P.S. Google is your friend…

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I have all the packing except for the top foam what is it that cost $250 for the foam? . GF has not stated if it will be insured for the full value. GF has not stated the price of just the parts alone. Thank you for your great ideas. I just wish GF would step up and have a real customer service/tech dept.

I do think they’re going to have to up their customer service game in 2019. As competition comes along, customer service is going to be a differentiator.

As for the foam, you’re paying for the whole box, like it or not. It’s a shame you didn’t get full packing materials for either unit!

My thoughts on shipping are that it costs the same as sending a brand new unit, so I’d hope the level of insurance is in the ballpark. GF isn’t perfect, but my experience is that they want to do right by the customers. Having people lose their units while doing routine tube replacement is not good for business.


I wonder how long it will take to get a full box if I ordered one? I would like to see the needed replacement tube parts put on the shop page so that you could just order what you need when you needed it. We would not have 2 if we did not feel they were worth owning. Thanks again for your input and Happy Holidays!

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You too! Good luck!

they need to do way instain mother> who kill their glowforges

Man! I’m tough! :rofl:

I believe that bamboo splinters would cause me to rapidly recite everything I know…which isn’t anything more than anyone else. They definitely don’t invite me to the club meetings. :smile:


Seattle is where my shipping label that I just got says my return unit is going. Wondering why they didn’t ask if I’d just drop it off and keep FedEx out of the mix since I’m like 2 miles from the destination.

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Boy, I hope they eventually allow drop off and pickup for locals.

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Well, I have asked about tube cost 3 times here across 3 years and never got that much information, just $500 for shipping both ways and the tube. $299 is what I was looking for, so thanks for that!