Where do my files save to?

Newbie here, I’ve created files on the GF app and downloaded them to send to my co-teacher to print for our class. Once opened, the Hexagons from the “Hex Coaster Set of 6” were gone and all that remained were my uploaded images. After doing some research it appears that these built in templates don’t download from whatever reason. As I kept researching I kept reading that if you go to your dashboard your previous designs will be there. I can’t find them anywhere. I was hoping to log into his computer and just print from my account or see if there was a way to share it with another account.

Is there any way to save this where I can login else where to print.

If you log in as the same person on any computer you should be able to print what you have in the Dashboard. As a fall back you can even bring up the GFUI on a cell phone and print it. Though doing much more is hard. Just get everything correct in the GFUI on your computer so you can just push print.


Okay, maybe I am missing a step. Is there a way to save the file from the design area so that it appears in my Dashboard?

It should be saved there when you exit but only in your own login.


it will save your progress automatically in the last state it was in. If you remove stuff from the design area, that removal is saved. When you are done printing a design, don’t erase anything from the design area, just hit the “Dashboard” button or the :glowforge: Glowforge icon in the upper left corner to return to the dashboard.
if you have to temporarily erase or move elements in your design for some reason, you can use the Undo function (possibly several times) to get the design back to its original state before clicking back over to the dashboard (or closing the browser completely)

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The hex coasters supplied by Glowforge can’t be exported or saved to your computer. What is exported is your modifications/personalizations. For your co-teacher to work on what you had saved would require him/her to open the hex coaster file from the Dashboard and then add your file to the interface. A simple way to do that is to simply drag and drop the file onto the bed. Your co-teacher could then merge the hex coaster file and your modifications before printing.


Thanks @dklgood - great suggestion!

This page may be useful too, for understanding which files are saved, and how to export designs, too: https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260800789149-Save-Undo-Store-Export-Sort-and-Search-Designs