Where do you get your leather?

Hey gang! Quick question for those who’ve been playing with leather. I had a bunch of scrap leather from previous head dress projects, but it creases super easily and tends to look pretty limp, particularly after being cut/etched. Where do you get your leather? Have you found particular brands/sources or thicknesses that seem to hold up better than others? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

  • Caitlin
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I still don’t have my Glowforge so I can’t speak to the laserability of it but I get my leather for small projects at my local tandy leather. The manager there is super nice and gave me names of people that buy from them that could potentially cut smaller pieces if I didn’t want to invest in a large piece

I use either :proofgrade: leather from Glowforge or vegetable tanned leather from my local Tandy leather shop.

There have been several threads about this, searching leather source will probably do it. Let’s see…

Yeah tons of stuff here.