Where do you learn the amazing things you are all making

I am new to Glowforge and I see all the amazing things being made. I know I have a lot to learn, but where do I go to acquire new skills and make more advance things on my Glowvforge. Youtube is my go to where I find answers to most of my questions, but is there any other place I should be looking to learn. Thank you guys for your help!

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Start small and build your skills. Accomplishing basic tasks teaches you far more than you might think! Some ideas to get started:

  • create a 2x2" square out of two pieces using no glue
  • now create a 4-sided box using similar ideas

Trying different ways to accomplish these tasks will teach you so much! You’ll identify shortcomings and brainstorm solutions. You’ll come up with ideas of new things to try. You’ll learn fundamental skills that you’ll apply in all future projects.


Spending a lot of time on this site helps a lot. Also, there is the getting started section…

also …
Glowforge Tips and Tricks


This forum is your most valuable resource. There’s some seriously talented people here and they are always willing to point you in the right direction.


First: You need creativity.

Second: You need to become familiar with a vector editing software. Inkscape is free, but paid Affintiy Designer or Adobe Illustrator are other options.

Third: Start by using some of the designs from the Free Laser Designs to get a feel for some of the techniques used and get some practice.

Fourth: Give it a try to make an original design. If you hit a roadblock, the search function is your friend. After you have searched and not found the solution, this forum in full of very generous and talented people that are always willing to point you in the right direction, or teach you how to overcome a design problem.

Fifth: Share your creation with the commuity. No matter how simple, it always inspires us and promotes new ideas. We look forward to see what you create!


Get some ideas off Etsy & You Tube

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