Where is GF support?

My GF is offline and over the course of four months have submitted several support tickets. I just found and called their toll-free number; support dead-ends routing me back to online and even their sales goes to VM.

What is going with the company?

Unfortunately their support access sucks big time, however, if you have contacted them via that method you should have received an immediate auto response to your email. If you did receive that they have opened a ticket and are in the process of trying to help. Make sure when you contact them you are using the email you have registered with them and check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from them almost immediately.


Thanks for the quick feedback! Unfortunately that’s what I have done and still nothing. A shame really, I loved using my GF…until I couldn’t. :frowning:

If anyone from the GF team is monitoring, this is ridiculous.

Sorry to hear. That’s really bad service.

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Glowforge support personnel do not monitor the forum. Have you changed anything about your wifi and tried the wifi troubleshooting? Maybe someone here in the forum could assist you if you state the problem you are having.


OK, will do. The symptom is it won’t power on: no sounds, clicks, or lights. I’ve tried multiple outlets and verified they have power. My guess is the power supply and that I need to send it back for service. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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OK, I was hoping when you said it was offline that it meant it was having trouble connecting to the wifi. Not powering on is a real show stopper. Was it working and then stopped, or one day when you turned it on it just wouldn’t respond. When you email support do you get the automatic reply?

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This time I did although I had to try more than once. Firefox would close the submission form but nothing would happen; I switched to Chrome and when the form closed I received a “successful” message and got the email soon after.

Thanks for the help!


No justification for the ongoing struggle, but it’s a holiday week. Lots of people will take a longer weekend or the whole week off. Several businesses I tried to reach today were closed for the week. I’m not surprised people aren’t answering phones.


Looks like you’re doing what you should have - but I wanted to verify one thing. When you say you have:

do you mean you’re sending responses to the automated email you got when you submitted your first ticket - or are you opening new tickets? If it’s the former, great. Keep doing that. If it’s the latter - stop! Each ticket goes into the system as a new item.

I am wondering though, you say you received the automated response, but nothing after that. Were there questions asked in the automated one? Did you respond with those answers? Did you hear back at all?

If you responded and haven’t heard back it makes me wonder if they’re not getting your emails for some reason. If you haven’t responded, they’re likely waiting on those answers before they’ll move forward.

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