Where is my Glowforge? [Resolved]

I never received an email requesting my shipping information, despite watching obsessively for it. All information on my account is correct. Where did you send my Glowforge?

I understand that you probably are fielding many of these requests based on what I’ve seen in the user’s forum. I would appreciate and I expect that you will make this right. I have spent a lot of money, have nothing to show for it, and am concerned that either I will never receive my Glowforge or it will be sent to someone else or it will be stolen from me because you sent it to the incorrect address.

How will you make this right?

First off, they will not send the glowforge anywhere until you have filled out the form saying you want it and where you want it to go. Second, has your estimated shipping notification date passed? Have you checked your spam and junk mail to see if you have an email from glowforge?

I never got the form saying I wanted either. I have checked junk email for it, too. My shipping date notification has passed. I thought they were behind so I thought nothing of it until I saw yesterday’s email that all the US orders had shipped.

Did you receive this form via email?

Yeah, its what everyone refers to as the Golden Ticket email. A link on the email asks you for your information and if you want it now or wait. To be clear, not all US orders have shipped, all shipping notification emails have been sent. Support will have to check and make sure the email was sent to you, there have been a few people where the system missed them.

I have not received that information. I’ve been watching it for diligently.

Okay, don’t panic. There’s a likelihood that you will hear from them sometime this week. Those date estimates are created by an algorithm, not a human being, and they can be off by a week or more in either direction.

It has happened before, a couple of times. Just keep watching, they now have a ticket open on you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Jules.

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I have found an anticipated email in the promotions folder too, not spam.


From what I have seen more than a few emails were blocked by their ISP before ever making it to the recipient’s spam folder.


That happened to me. So add one more to your count. Other emails from GF came through fine, but not the golden email.

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THE LATEST: I did get my Golden Ticket and completed the follow through. My thanks to all of you for all the comments. You were very kind and supportive.


Yay! That’s exciting. Waiting for shipping feels like forever, but you’ll have it soon :blush:

When you make fun stuff, you can post them on the forum for everyone to oooh and aaah over - that’s pretty fun. And the forum is super good for helping you figure out any problems you’re having or things that aren’t working as you expect; its really a great resource.


Oh excellent! Now the fun waiting begins. :wink:

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Thanks for the support, everyone.

@janiceledgerwood Congrats! We can’t wait to get you your Glowforge. If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.