Where should I look for acrylic?

I am trying to find acrylic that is the same size as the proof grade passthrough sizes (20*48) and am unsure where to look. I am fine with non masked as I have good results with using glassguard on some other stuff. I am really stuck as to where to find some for cheap as all the places I look are close to 100

Hi There, would be good where are you based so you can have more specific help! :slight_smile:

Tap plastic cast acrylic in colors runs $60 for that size 1/8" thick. Clear is $50.


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Johnson Plastics has clear cast for around $38 (1/8")

estreetplastics has clear 1/8" thick 24x48 for $22 a sheet. Color sheets are around $27 they will custom cut them to size but you have to call them for that price.

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Iā€™m considering this method on clear acrylic.

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