Where to buy a replacement belt

Hey! I am having problems with the belt skipping/jumping/lagging when it is in motion. It looks like the belt needs replaced. Where do I find one for it? I don’t see it under the parts section or am I missing something?

They’re not yet available as a purchasable part, though a staff member can sometimes arrange to get you one. Other folks have also purchased off the shelf ones, let me see if I can find that thread…

There’s a link all the way at the bottom of the thread.

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Have you done the troubleshooting to verify that everything is installed correctly? I would check that the belt is on the correct way, not twisted, completely up on the pulleys, the tensioner is adjusted to where it needs to be, etc.


yes, the one pictured below by works, its easy to replace. I believe I cut mine at 45 inches.
I used a shaving mirror and the light from my phone to unscrew it, just barely loosen and you can slide the wheel to fit your new belt and adjust the tension.

Here is where you can get a roll of the replacement belt:

You cut it to the size needed and here is a good video showing how you change it:


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